Tuesday, May 12, 2009

hate the telephone

via hallucinogenic lucidity etc.:
hate the telephone (via Ren Rox)


Kitty said...

I hate the telephone too...

It's so hard to dial with my tail!

I think telepathy is best... :)


wagga said...

My telephone is actually a computer.
Programmed by Yours Truly.

If you call me & irritate me, you go on the BlackList. Call as much as you like, you will get a busy signal, and I will be blissfully aware of the call - coz it won't ring here.

Call me with CallerID blocked? - Same thingy - no ringy.

Call with a recorded message? You diss me - You miss me.

You are on my WhiteList? Phone rings, I pick up - I love you.

Kitty said...

That is a cool system Wagga...

I still like telepathy...screens out most everybody...