Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The stalled server room

You pretty much just have to read this one.

George W. Bush Sewer Plant

George Bush Toilet Training by ~Sniff-Dit

Here in the City by the Bay, twelve history-minded souls are working to establish a fitting monument to the presidency of George W. Bush. They call themselves the Presidental Memorial Commission San Francisco, and they hope to secure Bush's legacy by putting his name on the local sewer plant.
If the group has its way, the George W. Bush Sewer Plant will make its debut in January when Dubya officially leaves office, and some supporters say the occasion should be marked by a city-wide "
"synchronized flush"
San Franciscan Brian McConnell and a friend cooked up the plan this spring while downing beers at a local bar. "We thought of the Iraq War, New Orleans being left to hang out on a vine, and everything else," McConnell tells us. "And when tried to come up with a fitting tribute, this idea popped out."
More here: San Franciscans prep monument to US prez

Hat tip to Wagga who sent the link with the following subject line: This turd gets flushed in 6 months!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

King Snake Slithers Out of Toilet

Kay, of Quedgeley, Glos., said: "My heart was in my mouth. I couldn't scream because I was so scared.

"I saw the tail poking out from the rim of the loo and thought Brian was playing a trick on me until I saw it moving.

"I couldn't believe it. What on earth was a snake from California doing in my bathroom? Needless to say I couldn't use the lavatory for a while after that!"

Ms Robins and her fiance tried flushing the reptile back down the lavatory but the snake returned and slithered onto the bathroom floor.

Excerpted from Woman's shock at finding snake in lavatory bowl

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Hello Kitty electronic toilet paper dispenser

Only $220!
This Hello Kitty electronic toilet paper dispenser allows you to program exactly how many sheets toilet paper will roll out with each button press. Is it useful? I don’t think so. Sanrio should add a couple of buttons on it to satisfy the whole family, because not everyone use same length of toilet paper.
I know Hello Kitty electronic toilet paper dispenser would match with
Hello Kitty toilet paper perfectly. But the price is not cheap. It cost $220! Isn’t it very expensive? Do you think it is worth it to get this automatic toilet paper dispenser?

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Otohime "Sound Princess"

Toilet noises can be embarrassing, but what's a shy girl to do besides repeatedly flushing in situ? Japan's answer is the Otohime (pronounced "oto-hee-may"), also known as the "Sound Princess" - an electronic "flush" that saves face as well as water.

Japanese women can be exceedingly modest when it comes to the characteristic sounds of nature's call, regardless of the fact that they are either alone in their home's bathroom or among their own kind in a more public washroom setting.
More at Otohime Saves Face by Sounding Like a Flush

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Ice Cream in a Toilet

As unfathomable as it may be, many Japanese appear to find faeces something that can be fun rather than quickly flushed away, with the likes of silly toys and cell phone straps merely the tip of the nation’s turd-related tat.
However, as far as food is concerned, one arguably wouldn’t expect anyone to purchase any poop-inspired produce, but judging by this proud promotion, there may well be a market.

More at Tokyo Times.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Inflight Urinal Money-Maker

Urinal by ~whooptishit

Can it be that urinals might soon be taking off on major long haul flights?

In a recent article for the online version of the German news magazine Der Spiegel, Andrew Curry writes about a German company that's been busy designing a prototype pissoir for the new Airbus A380. The company, Dasell, hopes that if its concept is a hit, other airlines might start outfitting their long haul planes with them.

There seems to be interest. Dasell unveiled its urinal design at an airline industry expo in Hamburg, Germany, in April and many took notice. The reason? Like seemingly everything else these days in the industry, the cripling cost of fuel could make installing urinals on aircraft a way for carriers to earn a little extra money.

Dasell says their urinal lavatories take up less space -- the equivalent of four seats -- than traditional unisex lavatories. Given that most long haul aircraft have nearly 10 toilets, replacing some of them with the more compact urinals could result in getting a few more paying customers in seats.

It's certainly a more intriguing money-making idea than simply charging for a second piece of checked baggage. Of course, one wonders why it's taken the industry so long to conclude that urinals might be a good thing, both for bottom lines and -- given, as Curry puts it, the inconsistent aim of many men, especially in turbulance -- bottoms in general.

For cash-strapped airlines, inflight urinals could be a money-maker
Hat tip to Wagga!