Monday, August 18, 2008

Unscheduled Toilet Stop

Hat tip to Wagga for this find:
THE run of bad luck afflicting Qantas took a graphic turn last night when a fully loaded 767 flying from Sydney to Perth was forced to stage an unplanned landing in Adelaide so its toilets could be emptied.

Flight staff on QF571 told passengers that Sydney ground staff had forgotten to empty the toilets on the 767-300, which originated in Honolulu.

By the time the flight had been in the air for an hour, three of the toilets had ceased to function.

"They told us that under any reasonable calculation, the rest of them would go pretty quickly," one businessman told the Herald during the plane's cleaning stop in Adelaide.

"Four out of seven toilets were not flushing so for the comfort of our passengers we diverted to Adelaide," a Qantas spokeswoman said.

Passengers were "exasperated", the businessman said, but otherwise resigned to the delay.

"All this discussion of toilets triggered an urgent need to go in just about everyone," he said.

"We did ask for more red wine to be brought on board, but it was felt not to be a priority."

The unscheduled Qantas toilet stop comes only hours after the national carrier was forced to delay Sydney-bound QF2 from London for more than 15 hours after a problem with its rudder.

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