Monday, August 25, 2008


alice liddell on pooper lid by ~cannibol

"The Boerum Hill stoop pooper has struck. After getting stoop pooped twice last year, I have been struck again by the 'Mad stoop pooper that poops at midnight!!! (or sometimes in the wee hours of the night).' Last year I caught her in process twice, once on my stoop and once between some parked cars in the middle of the day. The latter time I called the police who arrested her. She is a mentally disabled black woman, a little heavy set, with dirty hair. I have a feeling that she was probably receiving the help she needed but was discharged and is back in the hood!!!! Granted I am just assuming it is her again but given that she uses her own toilet paper and some was left on my stoop. I would have to eliminate a random person that just HAD to go. Keep an eye out for her."
Excerpted from Return of the Stoop Pooper

There are some funny comments on the thread such as this one:
11233..."She has some mental health issues but so do a lot of "normal" people."

I hope your not referring to anyone posting all day on an inane blog about about poop that's soon to reach 100 posts!!!

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Anonymous said...


COURTHOUSE - Authorities believe they have scooped up the pooping perp.
David Green, 39, of the 100 block of Ann Street, is slated to be formally arraigned on Sept. 2 in Montgomery County Court on charges stemming from two burglaries in which, in each instance, the burglar defecated on the floor of the home he was burglarizing.
Asked why the burglar defecated in the homes, county Assistant District Attorney Anthony Gil said, "The only reason I can think of is that it was his calling card."...

Anonymous said...

Do Not let these people house break a puppy.

Akubi said...

I had a pretty stressful toilet-less day that left me poop-less.

Akubi said...

Does this guy remind you of anyone we know?
What he did: He posted a blog entry offering 10% shares in a hypothetical "linear" novel "about a relationship" he has not yet written for $2,000 apiece, promising prospective investors "more meaning in life" if they bought shares and boasting his track record of trustworthiness as established by the 100% feedback rating he had earned selling 31 items in the past 12 months on eBay. He also stated a desire to eat healthier foods so as to avoid "feeling like I have eating problems" which may lead him to hang out beside toilets.

Anonymous said...

for akubi