Thursday, May 8, 2008

Naked Guy Found on Family's Toilet

OCALA, Fla. -- A Central Florida family was shocked to come home to find a naked 57-year-old stranger sitting on their toilet and smelling of body wash.
Ocala police arrested Tom Wilkerson, 57, after he was found naked and with the family's clothes inside a home located on West Silver Springs Boulevard.
Officers said Wilkerson apparently found an outside key and let himself into the Bess family's home.

Wilkerson took a hot shower and used Lisa Bess' Victoria Secret lavender body wash, a family member said.

"There was still a stench of my body lotion, actually, water was still draining from the bathtub," Bess told the Ocala Star Banner. "And he was refusing to get off the toilet until he was finished doing his business."

Bess said she believes Wilkerson was inside the house most of the day.

She said he took a pair of her underwear and other clothes.

"It was scary, but it was so funny, too," she said. "I couldn't be mad at him because I was laughing so hard."

Wilkerson was charged with trespassing


Akubi said...

Toilet bowl effect and Hillary's base

Ogg the Caveman said...

It's probably just as well that he wouldn't get up until he finished his business. Surely she didn't want him crapping all over her bathroom.

Anonymous said...

I would have shot him where he sat.