Friday, December 7, 2007

Breathe into a toilet!

Trapped in a Burning Building? Quick, breathe into a Toilet!

Toilet Paper by ~akindo
In toilet paper news :

Sonia and her sister, Tonia Lee were trying to have a normal school week but things changed Monday afternoon. The sisters apparently were using toilet tissue, like most young women, to enhance their bra cup size. After having the contaminated tissue on their skin for hours at school andover the weekend, their skin started to itch and break out. The younger sister, Tonia, was the first to feel the effects early in the day on Monday and had to be rushed to the Nurse's Office.

Toilet Paper by ~albienkiac

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Matthew R. Kee said...

Thank you for linking to our "Teens Trigger Toilet Tissue Recall" report from December 2007.